We’ve Moved!


We’ve moved!
Today is my official first day in our new home in Lyon, France.
Just under a month ago, and a few days before I made a visit home to see family, Trent met with his agent to discuss the direction of the season.
Nearly six months into our time in Milan, Trent’s minor role for a major club was well-established.
We’d quietly known for some time there was a possibility we’d be changing teams. A few moves even came close, but ultimately fell through; one, which was particularly disappointing, on Christmas Eve day.
Although the basketball aspect of being in Milan was a challenge, the overall situation was good. This isn’t always the case in overseas basketball, so we counted ourselves fortunate. Ultimately, Trent and his agent concluded we’d likely be spending the rest of the season in Milan, despite a less than ideal role for Trent on the court.
A few days later as I packed my bags for the States, it was the first time I really felt some closure on being in Milan the rest of the season.
I threw a few sweaters in a suitcase as I told Trent with a laugh, You know this is how it works, right? We’re happy in Milan and even though basketball’s not perfect, we’ve finally established we’ll pretty much be here for the rest of the season. Now, I’m gonna go home for two weeks and you’ll call me to tell me you’re changing teams.
Sure enough…
In a matter of the few weeks I was in the States, Trent was offered and accepted the opportunity to join a new team, ASVEL, in Lyon-Villeurbanne, France. Due to red tape, technicalities and all the fun legal stuff that goes along with terminating contracts and signing new ones, our move was delayed two weeks.
By the time I returned to Milan, we had nine days to finish up packing before moving to Lyon.
Looking back, it’s easy to thank God for not answering that particular Christmas prayer or any other I’d said in asking for another situation.
At the time? Well, I’ll save the story in favor of sparing you my overly dramatic why God reaction.
So now we’ve returned in France, a country that holds a sizable piece of my heart. I’m certainly not naive enough to believe there is a place in the world that’s perfect.
But I currently find myself in a beautiful city while Trent is joining old friends as teammates.
Dare I say I’m happy for every dropped deal and coinciding disappointment?
It’s true. I am. He still knows best. And hindsight’s 20-20.
You told me so…Thanks, God.

I’m Back!

After nearly three weeks of being away from the blog because of travels back to the States to visit family, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things! First, a quick photo recap of my time in the States. I don’t know how it flew by so fast, but it seems like I blinked and it was over. I split time between three different cities visiting my parents and younger brother in Belleville, my older sister and her family in Indiana and my in-laws at home in Champaign. Trent had four away trips during the two weeks I was in the States, so it actually worked out well that I didn’t feel too guilty for leaving him for that length of time. I could go on forever about how sweet it was to spend time with family and friends, but that’d take up more room than a single post should ever occupy. Instead, I’ll leave you with a few pictures from the trip.


I’ll get back into my usual posting within the week. There’s some exciting news coming on a move in our future! Stay tuned… :)

Short Break


I’ll be largely absent these next two weeks, as I have traveled back to the States to visit family. In an effort to soak up all of the sweetness that parents and siblings and nieces can hold, I won’t be posting on my normal schedule. But I do hope to pop in at some point in between!